6 Tips to Increase Your Job Interview Success

6 Tips to Increase Your Job Interview Success

In a recent research study, undertaken by Extra Sensory Perception and commissioned by on-line recruitment company Ifoundwork, over 50 recruiter’s from key industry sectors in the UK were questioned about the traits that they most like and dislike in an applicant. When asked about the things that made a positive impression on them during the interview process certain trends emerged. Six of the top twelve responses are listed below. So, if you want to give yourself the best chance of impressing a prospective employer, review them to see how you match up.

The research suggests that employer’s like applicants who:

  1. Stay calm and relaxed. There is a direct relationship between how relaxed you are and how confident you appear to a prospective employer. Remember that interviewing is a mutual process. You are interviewing the company just as much as they are interviewing you. Relax and enjoy it!
  2. Bring Samples of Work. If you don’t have any start calling your old employer and get them. Always keep at least one ally at your previous employment; you never know when you will need something. Before you leave, create a portfolio and make copies of your work but omit confidential business information.
  3. Do their Research. Do some research on the business before the interview. Know what you are getting yourself into by researching the culture and working environment. Have an understanding of the issues faced by the company.
  4. Appear calm and confident. First impressions are lasting and made in the first 30-120 seconds of an interview. Present yourself well from the start to be confident friendly and polite. Greet the prospective employer with a handshake. Make regular eye contact.
  5. Ask Questions. Never leave an interview without asking at least 3 questions. Have a number of questions that you have complied with beforehand and use them at the appropriate moment.
  6. Listen attentively. Listen carefully to the questions asked. Ask the interviewer to restate a question if you are confused. Or if you need time to think of an answer just ask “How do you mean?” this will buy you time and will provide additional information.

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