Alcohol Drug Abuse Treatment – Reaching out For Help

Alcohol Drug Abuse Treatment – Reaching out For Help

There was a time when alcohol and drug abuse were thought to be problems of down and outs, no-hopers who had nothing in their lives, and people who would never amount to anything. Thankfully, an increasing awareness about these issues and the sharing of their stories by some brave individuals have led us to become less judgmental of those who find compelled to see alcohol drug abuse treatment. Because these addictions say nothing about the person we are – unfortunately, almost anyone can fall prey to these problems. And seeking help should not be something that is avoided due to social stigma, regardless of whether it is real or imagined, because standing up and asking for alcohol drug abuse treatment is one of the bravest acts of hope and self-belief there is.

In our modern world, it is sometimes all too easy to expect to feel good in an instant. Many of us have fallen into the trap of the while-you-wait culture that urges us to escape negative feelings through indulging in any number of quick-fix feel-good pseudo-solutions rather than facing up to our demons and waging honest war with them. While feeling good is something well worth aspiring to, obscuring our negative feelings and pretending we feel good is not. These negative feelings will always find us eventually; no matter how long we manage to stall them by masking our pain with quick adrenaline rushes.

Though so many of us choose drugs or alcohol as our escapism of choice, there remains for many addicts an underlying guilt, a shame that the harder, but more rewarding path, was not taken. Quick fixes feel good, but there is a far more enduring happiness and satisfaction that arises from working through your problems. Many addicts fear asking for help because they believe they don’t deserve it – the poor self-esteem they masked by choosing addiction has been eroded further by that same choice. Reaching out for help in the form of alcohol drug abuse treatment is a hugely self-affirming step, and it is an act of bravery and hope that indicates enormous personal strength. Seeking treatment is never a failure, but rather is the first in a long line of victories.

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