Dental Infection: How It Affects Your Immune System

Dental Infection: How It Affects Your Immune System

When people suffer a severe auto accident, fall, or suffer some other injury, their immune systems are called upon to work at peak performance in order to achieve a speedy recovery. Those people with root canal fillings are generally found to have a healing rate slower than expected. Quite often, the extra stress an injury places on their defense systems allows the organisms to get out of hand and attack some other organ or tissues.

We all know of individuals who get over one illness only to develop another. This can, of course, happen when no dental infections or root canals are present because of poor nutrition, anxiety, alcohol and drug use, and a whole variety or combination of other stresses with which humans must cope. The more stress involved, the more the immune system is taxed to keep the person alive and functioning.

When the body is continually subjected to irritation in anyone or a number of its tissues and parts, these areas often become sick. Take Dr. Price’s story of the man who came to America by ship in steerage from the Philippines to San Francisco and from there by train to Cleveland. All during the travel time, he was confined to relatively small areas where exercise was impossible and movement was restricted.

In Cleveland, he worked as a night watchman in manufacturing plants. It was necessary for him to walk several miles each night over acres of cement floors. Because he didn’t wear rubber heels on his shoes, the irritation to his knee joints and ankles was stressful and made him uncomfortable.

After a few weeks, he developed acute rheumatism in the joint areas. At that point, an oral examination disclosed some dental infections. The sources of infection were removed and with the addition of rubber heels to his shoes, his problems were relieved, and he was able to continue the same occupation with no further symptoms of rheumatism.

Dr. Price also relates the case of a patient who suffered eye problems and was unable to read for any length of time without periods of rest. This had been a continuing problem for several, and glasses proved to be of no help. After the removal of dental infections, this patient was able to discard the glasses he had worn for 15 years, and reading for long periods no longer caused discomfort.

Many other patients who wore glasses reported such improvement of their eyes after the removal of dental infections that their eyeglass prescriptions had to be reduced, and others were able to discontinue using glasses altogether.

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