Sleep Apnea: Tips And Treatments You Can Consider

Sleep Apnea: Tips And Treatments You Can Consider

Ever wondered, how easily we wish our family, friends, or relatives “Sweet Dreams”, but at times the so-called “Sweet Dreams” don’t come so easily to us. It really gets ironic. May be because money can buy you designer beds bot not sound sleep. We all know the benefits of sound sleep but still, many of us long for it. How to ensure sound sleep then becomes the biggest problem and maybe the biggest mystery too.

Here are some valuable tips one can follow to ensure Sound Sleep. But before mentioning it, let’s have a peek-a-boo on the benefits of sound sleep.

Benefits of sound sleep.

. The first and the foremost, sleeping is the time when our muscles relax. They get rest so that they can work efficiently the next day. Also, while sleeping our breathing rate and heartbeat slow down too.

. Adequate sleep is a must for maintaining a balanced biochemical state. It is well known, many enzymes and hormones work only at night.

Now we come down to the valuable and effective tips which ensure sound sleep and sweet dreams!

. Avoid drinking coffee or tea before going to bed.

. Don’t go to bed with an over-stressed mind. Resolve your issues beforehand.

. Yoga or exercise before sleeping is really a smart option. It also ensures tight sleep.

. Avoid watching action-packed movies or horror movies before sleeping. This may harm give you nightmares.

. Reading before sleeping is a good habit but once it gets habitual, you become dependent on it. You can also listen to some soothing music before turning off the lights.

. A balanced diet also helps greatly to get to your goal.

. Last but not the least, avoid sedatives. If you are addicted to them, take some physician’s advice.

There could be nothing like keeping your mind at peace. Though it is difficult to achieve but not impossible. Keep yourself calm and relaxed.

Besides, Sleeping apnea/apnea, other conditions related to sleep are not serious and can easily be overcome. Sleeping apnea/apnea is a disease where you stop breathing now and then during sleep. The soft tissues at the back of your throat and your tongue fall back and obstruct the upper airways. This leads to the stopping of breathing. Sleeping apnea/apnea can be cured with the help of the doctor’s advice. C pap, a portable machine is highly used to fight sleep apnea/apnea.

Snoring is a major problem with many of us. We, unconsciously, affect our partner’s sleep too which can get really irritating at times. Snoring can be because of the following reasons

. Excessive Day time Sleep

. Obesity

. Obstruction of the upper airways which further leads to sleep apnea.

To avoid snoring, either have your dinner early or use a nose-guard that discourages snoring. It has also been found that sleeping on your back encourages snoring too. So try sleeping on your sides. Also, alcohol and sleeping pills aggravate snoring. At times, allergies can also cause snoring.

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