Tips to Help Make Your Golf Tournament Plan a Resounding Success

Tips to Help Make Your Golf Tournament Plan a Resounding Success

Planning a golf tournament? Here are some tips to help you.

1. Select a good golf course and facilities that can accommodate all the needs that you have and make sure that their staff employees are likewise accommodating. Check with the employees and ensure that you tell them what you need and what you want to happen, especially if you plan on having an award or some sort of ceremonies after the tournament. This is also the time you should think of the number of golfers that you would allow to compete. You may want to check the staff recommendations, especially if they have a record of golf tournaments in their place.

2. It might be great if you make an information brochure explaining and advertising the tournament in a clear and concise manner, with a format that is easy and relaxing to read. Put in a concise registration form along with the brochure.

3. You should not forget about getting tournament sponsors. Order early the course signage. It might take some time in getting all the logos you need for printing. Be sure that the tournament sponsors you got have first approved the publication materials before taking them for printing. Many tournament sponsors have very strict specifications about the use of their logos and expect you to follow the guidelines that they have.

4. Consider the goodie bags or giveaways in the tournament. You could give shirts, tees, hats, balls, among others. You could also keep a supply of sunscreen packets and bottled water. If you are giving awards, you should order the trophies early.

5. You can buy a database (or design if you can do one) for the registration process in helping you track the players you have as well as the team pairings.

6. Make sure that the golf staff is recognized easily. They should be easily distinguished with a special hat or golf shirt.

7. Do a short checklist of the things you need to finish or accomplish in preparation for your tournament. Try to do everything as early as possible.

8. Inform the players of the rules and requirements of the system. Make sure that they do have the necessary equipment or tools for play, such as scorecards, balls, tees, among others.

9. Make sure that there is proper and enough nourishment at the tournament. There should be enough food and drinks available on the various points around and on the course.

10. Prepare for worst-case scenarios like course problems, injuries, etc.

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