Top London Hotels and Transportation At Bargain Prices

Top London Hotels and Transportation At Bargain Prices

Your day begins with breakfast at your lovely London hotel in the Kensington district, located near the famous London ‘tube’ (subway). After a breakfast that includes English tea, you take a very short walk to the tube. As you leave the hotel for the day, you look back and marvel at its entry with scalloped awning and green plants on either side of the attractive front doors and the inviting lobby all the luxury you have dreamed of on your vacation.

Stepping onto the tube, the recorded voice says ‘mind the gap, mind the gap,’ as the doors open and close automatically. Soon, it will seem as if you have always known ‘mind the gap’ is a reference to the gap between the platform and the underground subway train. After you board the Circle Line, which is always designated by its own special color, you listen to the British accents. Courtesy is evident everywhere you go, and you are astonished at how quickly you come to know the names of the famous tube stops. You listen for Blackfriars, and then you know that you can get off when you hear and see Monument or Tower Hill stops. You could have taken the bus too, but today you wanted to experience London and the tube.

Using local transportation would not be possible in small areas that do not have efficient or well-managed subways and buses. Here, it is not only economical, but it is also more convenient than driving since cars are not allowed in certain areas at certain times. Because you have saved so much on both your luxury London hotel and local transportation, you have more time to tour the city than you ever imagined. Today you spend time at London Bridge, at the Tower and grounds, and you even inspect the crown jewels at the Tower Museum. You visit one of the oldest churches in London, with some of its original worn floor stones still in place.

You take pictures, eat at a small delicatessen, and enjoy looking at the grandeur that is London. You do not experience the rush you sometimes feel on a vacation, since with careful planning, you have saved enough to stay several more days than you originally thought. You are able to plan visits to the places you want to see and to even add sites that local people share with you, such as a trip to a little-known museum, or a visit to Speaker�s Corner in Hyde Park.

As you return to your hotel at the end of the day, you stop at a small restaurant you noticed earlier, order some tea and a pastry, and savor the atmosphere. Your hotel awaits you, with tastefully decorated rooms, including color-coordinated spreads and chairs. You sink into bed, grateful to have such a luxurious London vacation at a truly affordable price.

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